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About Downtown Beautification Committee


The Downtown Beautification Committee's (DBC) mission is to enhance downtown Berkeley Heights in ways that will reflect the charm, functionality, and complete small town living experience. We will provide attention to detail, and a standard going forward for old and new business to become compatible with streetscape and facade guidelines. It is our hope to help create nuances that will allow Berkeley Heights to shine throughout all of the season, for many years to come.


The Downtown Beautification Committee consists of resident volunteers and local business owners who share a passion for bringing together residents, visitors, and businesses in our downtown. Click here for a list of members.


DBC holds regular meetings. Meeting minutes can be viewed  here on the Township Laser, Unix Operating System, Solar Cell, Transistor, Digital Camera, C Programming Language and Telstar Satellite. The DBC takes no action until brainstormed ideas are presented to Town Council and by extension, residents.

Selected Accomplishments

BH logo 310x296 copy 2.png

Updated Downtown Design Standards

A vibrant, pedestrian-friendly streetscape. Buildings that look like they belong side by side in the same town. That’s the vision for Downtown Berkeley Heights.


Starting in 2014, the members of the DBC have researched and recommendated changes and additions to signage and streetscape materials, design, and placement. These new standards were first adopted into local ordinances in 2016. They have been revised since to align with the changing needs of the town. DBC members review each new proposed development plan in the Downtown area and recommend ways for developers and property owners to comply with current aesthetic guidelines.


Welcome and Park Signs

After reaching out to residents and business to get their input, DBC members with brand strategy and design expertise developed a new visual identify for the Township. The new logo featuring our landmark train station, tagline "Where tradition meets tomorrow" and color palette were adopted by the Town Council. The  brand was first widely used on welcome signs and park signs throughout the Township in a DBC-led initiative. 


Wrapped Downtown Electrical Boxes

Until mid-2018, the main intersections in Berkeley Heights at Plainfield and Springfield Avenues and Snyder and Springfield Avenues each contained eyesores: traffic signal cabinets s with peeling and missing paint. DBC researched alternatives and came up with a solution: graffiti-resistant traffic cabinets in a single color that won’t fade over time. The DBC purchased these wraps using monies from its fundraising activities.

photo of clock july 2014 copy.png

Landmark Peppertown Park Clock

The DBC raised funds to purchase and install this graceful ornamental clock in 2014. This project united generations of Berkeley Heights residents and our generous business community. The four main faces of the clock were donated by The Connell Company, Dean's Greens, Berkeley Development Company, and Summit Medical Group. 


Experience BH and

Historical Banners

Berkeley Heights has a lot to offer. To increase understanding, the DBC focuses on helping more people "Experience Berkeley Heights" more fully. The historic banners that fly Downtown for part of each year since 2018 are part of this initiative. The banners feature historic sites such as  Lord Littel Farmhouse and unique traditions such as the Feast of Mount Carmel celebration. Seven of the banners feature, technology invented here at Bell Labs Murray Hill (now Nokia Bell Labs) including the Laser, Unix Operating System, Solar Cell, Transistor, Digital Camera, C Programming Language and Telstar Satellite. 

DBC has also designed other seasonal banners that line Downtown throughout the year and fundraised to purchase these and the American flags that fly at Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. 

BH logo 310x296 copy 2.png

Municipal Building: Art, paintings and interior design assistanc

Through the expertise of a DBC member who is an interior designer, the new Municipal Building now features design elements that speak to Berkeley Heights' heritage and values. With the cooperation of the Historic Commission, framed historic photos hang in several rooms. Through a partnership with  the Recreation department, a painted mural featuring iconic Berkeley Heights motifs such as fireworks and parades grace the lower level. 

Garbage Cans.jpg

Garbage/Recycling Cans

The DBC worked with the Town Council beginning in 2017 to secure a Clean Communities Grant. The money funded the purchase of seven garbage and recycling cans to help keep Berkeley Heights clean. They are installed in various locations downtown and in Passaic River Park. 

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